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How leading companies boost their workers wellbeing

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There is a direct connection between having both physically and mentally healthy staff- and engagement and productivity, something business leaders are beginning to recognise.

What’s needed for the best results is a universal approach to both mental and physical health, social stimulation and levels of engagement- right up to installing confidence within their employee’s financial wellbeing.

Wellbeing programs have become a priority with health care costs rising for both employers and employees alike. Some of the world’s top brands could offer examples for other companies with their programmes like parental leave to ‘wellness weeks.’

In depth

“Retaining top talent, driving higher levels of engagement, better customer satisfaction, more sales, better quality output – all of these things drive business success,” says Robin Bouvier, Vice President, Innovation and Health Transformation, Aon Health & Benefits.

Wellbeing: A top priority for world-class firms

Ranking first in a recent survey, Apple has a medical practice for employees at its headquarters in Cupertino. Apple reimburses employees for classes taken and subsidies student loans as well as offering a generous parental leave policy.

Google ranked second on the same survey. The online company has an acclaimed wellness-centered campus, on-site gyms, free exercise classes, and in office massages at its head offices in California. It also promotes intra-staff skills swaps, with its Googler-to-Googler learning program.

Microsoft, which ranked third, has set up a dedicated, on-site,” “Microsoft Living Wellness Health Center,” where employees can get access to free health screenings and flu shots, eye care, wellbeing coaching and dieting advice. To highlight potential health issues for its employees the company also runs a wellness week.

Samsung offers employees a free mortgage advice service and a workplace individual savings account (ISA). Their emphasis on the physical wellness of its staff, with flexible gym membership programs, has seen them make sixth place on the survey.

Learning from leading companies

Learning from top industry leaders can pave the way for employers to create happier, healthier and, ultimately, more productive workforces. Here are some productive practices businesses can introduce to their workplaces.

Increasing the priority of workplace wellbeing

Wellbeing initiatives are being reported as a method for mitigating the rise in the cost of medical plans 71 percent of countries responding to Aon’s 2018 Global Medical Trend Report. Corporate wellness is now estimated to be a $43 billion market globally – although it should be noted that the proportion of the world’s workforce that currently enjoys access to workplace wellness programs is still less than 10 percent.

“Whereas it may be true that work and the work environment can generate stress and emotional health concerns for workers, it also seems that the workplace can have a positive effect when emotional fitness becomes a focal point to bring about positive impacts,” says Stephanie Pronk, Senior Vice President of Health Transformation, Aon.

With time spent at work on a continuous rise, employers are ideally placed to help address wellbeing needs right there in the physical space of the office.

Standing desks and moving a printer to the corner far corner of an office are examples of ways to boost productivity and exercise according to studies. “How you create the space within the work environment becomes really important,” says Pronk.

The business case for investing in mental health

Psychological wellbeing has become an increasing priority with depression and anxiety costing the global economy an estimated $1 trillion every year. The World Health Organisation estimates that for every dollar invested in the treatment of depression and anxiety, there is a $4 return on investment.

 Improving health to impact the bottom line

Engagement is often the root cause of why a company may find itself in a productivity rut. The right path to improving productivity is improving engagement. According to Aon’s 2017 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report, a five-point increase in employee engagement is linked to a three-point increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.

Looking out for employee wellbeing is the best way to activate engagement. Employees who feel they are cared for are 38 percent more engaged than their peers.

As global labour markets get more and more competitive, health care costs continue to rise, and productivity levels continue to waver, building a workplace that can attract, retain and nurture talent will be critical to creating a business that can succeed.

“The payoff is more satisfied and engaged employees, and that’s good for the health of the business,” says Pronk.

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VERCIDA works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with VERCIDA to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email [email protected] for more information.

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