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How did BT's Verity make it to PCR's 30 under 30 list?

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For BT, it is always rewarding when one of their own is acknowledged for being the powerhouse that they are. Verity was featured on PCR’s 30 under 30 list earlier this year. This shines a light on the top talent available in the online retail world. Verity has only been with the organisation for around a year and she is already wowing them with all her drive and passion.

Here is her story. She shares how she got to where she is and maybe, Bolton is the place to be if anyone is looking for a fulfilling career!

Verity’s career journey

During Verity’s time at university in London, she worked a handful of temp jobs in order to get experience and build up her CV. On behalf of the Associated Press, she has worked at London Fashion Week and was a features writer for her student newspaper. After she graduated with a degree in Creative Writing BA (Hons.), she worked in retail for one year. She said that while working in retail, she had a wonderful time and got to learn so much about time management and the skills that are needed to be successful in the job. Then, she saved money to move to Manchester in 2016 and that is where she has been living ever since.

In Manchester, she worked as a Copywriter in a Creative Agency for 6 months. After which, she luckily landed her 1st job at BT Business Direct (now Business Direct) as a Product Marketing Assistant for the Strategic Product team. Here, she was the maternity cover. 6 months later, she was offered a full-time position in the Corporate, Majors & Public-Sector marketing team as a Marketing Executive.

When an opportunity arose for her to become a part of the Consumer-facing online retailer BT shop, she went for it. She was offered the position of Marketing Executive and this is her job at the present.

The 30 under 30 list

Verity became a part of BT Shop in April 2017 and from the very beginning, she had and still has a set of goals. One of her goals was to feature on PCR’s ‘30 under 30’ list. This was her goal for at least two years or so. When she saw her name being featured on that list so early in her career, she could not believe it. She feels that it is a matter of great privilege that she has been mentioned and nominated amongst so many talented individuals in the UK tech industry. 

Key things that she has done that helped her make it to the list

She said that she does not specifically know about the things that she has done. She comes to work every day and tries to fully apply herself to the job. She always works hard and pushes herself. She said that she finds it helpful to work towards something like, goals or aspirations.

She also said that it is beneficial for people to go out of their comfort zone. Verity admits that at the moment it is going to be terrifying, but afterwards, there will be a massively rewarding feeling. She gives a lot of credit to the great team of people she works with.

What motivated her to get on the list?

For 2 years working in BT, it was her goal to be on the list. But, she had no idea that her manager, Duncan Rutherford, would put her forward and is grateful that he took the time to do it. She further said that it is always nice to be recognised for something that one loves. Her motivation is to produce good work and make her team proud.

How has BT supported her career so far?

She tells everyone that the best part about working in this organisation is the people. She has worked here and there, and met some really amazing people, but she considers her colleagues to be the best. Her colleagues are personal, happy, determined and friendly people and she thinks that this has something to do with Bolton – which is where they are situated. She said that the people have greatly helped her in her career.

Moreover, there are tremendous opportunities within BT. She started as a temporary hire and was made permanent within 6 months. She feels grateful that she was offered the chance to showcase her work.

What about BT surprises her since she has joined?

She says that is it a known fact that BT is an awesome company, but the way everybody comes together for causes is commendable. From fundraisers and charity work to birthdays and weddings, they are always celebrating.

Verity feels very proud to work for this organisation and it is mainly because they are personal. As a company, they have a really loud voice and she is glad that they can use it to help others and make them happy.

Verity’s advice for someone interested in starting their career in marketing

She refers to herself as a newbie because it has only been a year that she has worked in marketing. But, for those who want a career in marketing, she would say - go for it! It is an ever-changing, competitive industry and all they have to do is keep up with it.

Interested candidates need to immerse themselves in marketing campaigns of the past and present, trends and studies. They need to soak in every bit of information that they hear about marketing and their role. They need to find way to turn the information that they hear into strategies that will benefit their business and customers. She adds that all this is definitely easier said than done, but they will find out how their brain works with experience.






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