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Does anyone agree with this Discriminating Recruiter's advice?

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Does anyone agree with Discriminating Recruiter's advice?

So far this year, it seems to be a bad time for recruitment agencies exposing themselves as very poor practictioners of diversity and inclusion and in some cases just out right discriminatory.

Given my previous article on how dreadlocks were deemed inappropriate for a Global Diversity job in the Caribbean, I have returned with another tale of recruitment agency practice, which again demonstrates the level of incompetence and discriminatory practice that is rife in the recruitment industry.

So….here’s the tale.

A well known organisation is recruiting through another well known recruitment firm. After nearly 500 telephone interviews they have determined a suitable number of people to interview. So far so good right?

Well….the good news stops there.

The recruitment agency, having taken a briefing from the client and reviewed it themselves has helpfully sent out some interview guidance.

Their helpful tips included:

• Women- Do not wear flat shoes. Wear heels and ensure that your make-up and lipstick is flawless
Say what???
• Men- Wear a suit and ensure you are clean shaven. You will be dealing with high end clients and a traditional clean shaven look is very important.

Anyone catch the issue with this???

Anyway……one of their top candidates was Seikh.

Oops…..Beard and turban….so definitely not employable….right?

When questioned on their criteria the recruitment agency again came back with the same justification. High end clients expect a certain look and therefore if you can’t comply it probably isn’t worth attending the interview.

This is the second time in a manner of months that pandering to stakeholders (who it is presumed will discriminate) is cited as a justifiable reason to discriminate against a candidate.

Wait…..of course I forgot the scientific fact that if you have beard, turban etc or look anything other than “traditional” your ideas, intelligence and ability to deliver high quality work is compromised.

Which leads me to a philosophical question…..

Why are there so many assholes in the world?

But on the flipside…..as a Diversity practitioner I suppose as long as these assholes exist we’ll never be short of work!!

I think it might be time for a name and shame campaign on recruitment agencies that discriminate.

Anyone agree????

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