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Contactless credit cards - would older people feel happy using them?

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Contactless credit cards - would older people feel happy using them?

Over the years ways of payment at the checkout has changed from signing to tapping in a four digit number to verify our card. Now they are introducing a card that does not need either, just a swipe. One thing that is concerning is the elderly, over the years they have learnt to adapt to the chip and pin and now they are having to learn a new system.

It is not only the learning the new ways but it is trusting a system that they may be sceptical about. Over the years the pace of life has got faster, only the other day I was listening on the radio how people can order online and collect later or have it delivered to them the next day, because we live in a society where we want things now.

Older people slow down with age and so therefore some cannot keep up with the new technology that is available and can therefore find it stressful. Some banks, when customers come to renew their cards without asking if they would like it. There is a company who won't issue these cards if the customer is wary of them, Daily Mail 26th December.

It is sad technology is becoming so advanced that people are finding that there can be times when they have no option but to use it otherwise they are being denied a full range of services such as shopping. It would seem that we are expected to become a cashless society, whereby we rely on the card pay for everything.

Older people where not brought up yhis way but are expected to embrace it, as it is not going change. There is the reasoning that only four purchases can be used before the customer will be asked for their pin number.

When new technology comes in people can be wary of how it works and how safe it is. Some people take it forgranted because that is what they're use to, it is not so easy for the elderly as some do not have the concept of how a computer works and how safe it is.

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