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Challenges and what we face today

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Challenges and what we face today

In response to the article I wrote on bullying, I just wanted to that while people who are in families,relationships, or even the workplace where individuals feel they are being bullied, in today's society it is said that it will not be tolerated.

There are support groups that are available for people who are in that situation, but then the individuals who are suffering need to have the confidence in order to get the help that is needed.

Sometimes it can take years for this to happen, slowly but surely we realise we need help. It is important to have a close network of friends to help us through the bad times.

Bullies are the ones with the problem by trying to inflict their own insecurities on to other people.

They are the ones that have to face up to their own insecurities. Bullying is often seen by other people as being clever and fun, with no thoughts for their victims.

As I have said before we need the confidence to achieve goals in our lives. All those who face daily challenges and achieve what they set out to do are to be admired.

We all have our own different perspective of life, to have one where it is putting people down all the time and squashing their confdence, is no life.

To have one where there is encouragement, is a better life, bullies don't stand a chance!

There should be no place in life for bullies, but unfortunately there is.

It is important to think that you are better than they are and not have doubts about yourself as you can give more to society than bullies can.



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