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Brit Spotlight: Linda Ornelas

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I am part of the Faith ERG; having the chance to be involved is what I love about our company.  My involvement started when a colleague asked me about my faith; we started to talk about how we both live our faith in very different ways and how interesting this is. She suggested I join the Faith ERG as a great forum in which to share my perspective.

For me, my faith means everything - it is a foundational part of how I live my life and what I rely on to be a guide for me (The Holy Spirit). In particular, it affects how I interact with the world. I don’t just say what I think but try and use my faith and what is in my heart to help me treat people in the way in which they would want to be treated

The ability to share my faith at work is important to me because it opens up conversations that are honest and transparent.  Being able to be my whole self and not feeling I have to shy away from my faith means I can be true to myself.  I feel so blessed to be in a company that empowers this type of conversation and openness.

Linda Ornelas - Administrative Assistant

Linda Ornelas, Administrative Assistant

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