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Best paid jobs if you don't have a degree

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Best paid jobs if you don't have a degree

7 best paid jobs you can get without having a degree.

Tube driver, perhaps? As thousands of London Underground workers prepare to strike over plans for a new all-night service on five lines, we reveal the starting salary of a Tube driver, and suggest 11 lucrative career options that don't require a degree.
Spoiler alert: Tube drivers are among the top four highest paid options on the list.

Average pay: £30,998
Although more journalists are entering the profession with degree level qualifications, university education is not a pre-requisite for entry into the media sphere. A nose for a good story, a natural way with words and some seriously hard work are the main qualifiers for success. Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow enrolled at the University of Liverpool, but did not complete his law degree.

Military Security
Average pay: £35,144
The 148 specialist open roles in military security on Adzuna offer average pay of £35,144. Charged with protecting individuals, groups and documents, military security is the height of the security profession, and candidates need nerves of steel, a good level of fitness and an exceptional eye for potential areas of concern. But not necessarily a degree.

Hazardous Waste Manager
Average pay: £36,684
If living on the edge appeals, and your organisation skills are top-notch, this could be the role for you. Some 55 opportunities are being advertised for hazardous waste managers to help large organisations operate responsibly.
Companies who are concerned with the environmental impact of their business may hire hazardous waste specialists to help them manage harmful substances. The bearer of this role is typically responsible for keeping an inventory of hazardous materials and ensuring all proper precautions are taken, the materials are stored and handled properly, and employees are appropriately protected.

HR Manager
Average pay: £38,677
Responsible for all the individuals in an organisation, HR tasks could include: hiring, training, compiling policies and procedures, legal paperwork, staff development, helping the business define its culture, as well as supporting staff and managers when things go wrong. Breaking into the HR industry is still possible from the ground up, if you are prepared to learn on the job and begin by supporting HR teams in admin roles.

Air Traffic Controller
Average pay: £41,011
Responsible for managing landings and take offs, guiding pilots safely to the runway, air traffic controllers need great communication skills, excellent attention to detail and the ability to pay attention to many tasks at once....but a degree is not always needed

Nuclear Energy Worker
Average pay: £44,494
Fraught with potential danger, those that work in a nuclear energy environment could perform a range of roles, from the operational to the technical, but academic entry requirement are not a must-have.

Offshore Oil Platform Worker
Average pay: £49,278
These hard-working folks spend large amounts of time away from dry land, spending weeks or months living and working on oil rigs to help source, process and ship oil reserves around the world. Average earnings of £49,278 go some way to compensating for the highly physical side of the role, and time spent away from friends and families.

London Tube Driver
Average pay: £49,673
Thanks to the unions' multi-year deal with London Underground, keeping pay above inflation, a newly-qualified tube driver starts on a salary of £49,673 a year. This can rise after five years to anything between £50,000 to £60,000. The drivers also get £24,133 at the start of their training period rising to £30,166 after completing initial assessments.
Tube workers are currently striking over remuneration plans for the 24-hour tube, rejecting a 2pc and a £2,000 bonus for working on the all-night service

Commodities Trader
Average pay: £53,003
More than 220 open vacancies are being advertised for commodities traders, who traditionally buy and sell goods such as oil, grain, metals, sugar and coffee on behalf of their clients. However, many commodity traders now also specialise in complex financial products (derivatives) based on a wider range of assets, including shares and bonds. With entry not dependent on academic success, applicants can work their way up to potential average earnings of more than £50,000.

Mining Construction
Average pay: £56,260
Playing a key part in constructing mines to facilitate the deployment of natural resources to end buyers, mining construction workers face a high degree of risk. Positions across the industry can command salaries of £56,260, and 478 open roles on Adzuna await those willing to work hard and learn the industry.

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VERCIDA works with over one hundred clients who are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. If you are an employer and interested in working with VERCIDA to promote your diversity and inclusion initiatives and attract the best candidates, please email [email protected] for more information.

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