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Alzheimer's Society: Supporting other colleagues

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Alan Sheehan and Nadia Kalooj

In Customer Care one of my colleagues is a rather lively, always-looking-to-the-positive presence. Her name is Nadia, and she also happens to be Muslim. It's occurred to me on more than one occasion to ask whether she has been troubled in recent years by the bigotry all around, but I never have. I overheard a short but decisive burst of frustration from Nadia after the attack in Central London that made it as clear as day to me the stress that she must experience as a result of that bigotry - a stress that I will never have to experience myself.

So I decided that a visible show of support might be the answer. I asked my team-mates if they fancied contributing to a lunch for Nadia, to show that - here at least - she will find support and comradeship. They couldn’t have been more eager to pile in with contributions! What really made it for me was Nadia's enjoyment of it - she tucked in with gusto and appreciated everyone's support. It felt good to us too – pushing that awkward silence to one side in the spirit of solidarity; never knowing what to do or say can make things difficult, but in the end showing support has to win out.

#weareunited #empathise - Alan Sheehan, Customer Care Assistant.

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