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Accounting is exciting and interesting, actually!

Category: Blogger's Corner

There’s a widespread cultural trope about an accountant: the boring, desk-bound pencil pusher surrounded by dusty ledgers. This is not at all the case. If you're interested in problem solving, discovery, and helping your organisation be at its best, accounting might work for you. Have a look through the VERCIDA jobs database for available roles in accounting.

The Life and Health of a Company

It can be hard enough to keep track of your spending and income as an individual or household. If you're in a large organisation with dozens of departments, each doing its own thing, it’s even harder. Sometimes an organisation can lose money hand-over-fist without anyone in charge being aware. A good accountant can identify problem areas and can discover opportunities for savings. Though you'll indeed be awash in spreadsheets, within all the detail you'll be hunting for buried treasure.

Everyone needs accountants

Every business needs accountants. From an animal rescue centre to a massive multinational corporation, there are roles in accounting available everywhere. This means flexibility for jobseekers. Maybe you'd like to help small businesses do their tax. Forensic accountants help firms and law enforcement catch fraudsters. And managerial accountants help determine an organisation's strategic direction by providing the financial information executives need.

Flexibility and demand

Accounting is a good skill for jobseekers from diverse backgrounds, because of its high demand. Many professionals find that their careers can stall when they take a career break to care for family. Qualified and experienced accountants can get back into work much more easily. Everyone needs their services, and you can always set up independently or work part time. To ensure security, look for firms that are supportive to carers and have programmes for reintegration after a career break. The VERCIDA jobs listings are a great place to find your next job in accounting.

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