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7 tips to make the most of your internship

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Early Careers

Securing an internship in today’s competitive job market can seem like an impossible task. So, although it can seem like the race is over, the truth is the battle has just begun if you really want to get the most out of your work experience…



Trying to get away with arriving a few minutes late each day is something which does not go down with most employers. As an intern, you should be willing to start early and finish late, especially during the first couple of weeks of working with the company. Being punctual shows respect to your colleagues and demonstrates your commitment to the job. Even if the other interns arrive 5-10 minutes late each day, make sure you still stick to the schedule.


Take on extra work

It is not uncommon for interns to have either a sparse workload or far too much work to complete in a normal day. The key to success is to know your limits, e.g. if you have a lot of deadlines to meet, don’t offer to take on more than you can handle. On the other hand, if you have a day with little to do, don’t sit idle waiting for your next task. You can reach out to your colleagues and supervisor and let them know you are eager to get involved in additional projects and are willing to increase your workload.


Complete each task to the highest level

Even if the task you have been given seems like the most pointless job in the world, it is still important for you to execute it with precision. In order to be trusted with larger tasks and projects, you must first earn the trust of your colleagues with simpler, more basic activities. So, even if they ask you to make tea for the office, this should be the finest cup of tea your colleagues have ever tasted…


Utilise your resources

As a new employee, it is natural to have questions about your work, the company in general, and the market. We would advise you to try finding the answers yourself first, before always going to your superior colleagues. Asking questions you could have easily found the answers to may not be received well by your supervisors after a few weeks since they want an employee who will use their initiative. So, whilst you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, try to solve problems on your own too to show you are a real problem solver.


Attend extra events

To gain experience working in higher management, try asking your supervisor if you can sit in on their meetings and take notes. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the bigger picture of the firm and what their longer-term plans are. If your manager is meeting with clients or a partner firm, you could also ask to join, giving you an insight into the how they communicate with other companies.


Network with everyone

Within a competitive job market, it is increasingly common for students and graduates to find a job through their current and previous contacts. Since an internship can often be for just a few weeks or months, it is crucial to make the most of the opportunity and build professional relationships with as many people as possible. So, get your business cards printed and practise your winning handshake because this is a surefire way to land a graduate job!


Keep a diary

For most individuals, the reason for completing an internship is for the experience you will gain. A few months down the line, it is natural to forget what you have done in the company and what you have learnt during your time there. We would recommend you to keep a diary and note down exactly what you did each week and every major achievement you made. When you are then preparing for your next job interview, you will have all your notes ready to remind you of all the successes you had during your time working with the company…


Written by Saffron Shergill from StudentJob UK. Studentjob.co.uk is a job portal specifically dedicated to the employment needs of students and graduates. To find an internship or placement, visit their website and sign up for free!


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