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Some over 50's will suffer

Category: Blogger's Corner, employment, Finance, over 50s

Some over 50's will suffer

 Those who are over 50 and cannot get back into employment through no fault of their own, may suffer financial hardship. The Government is trying to help those who are younger, but what about those who have mortgages? They may find that they are having to default because they can no longer afford to pay it.

Then what happens is they get a bad credit rating, so therefore find it difficult to get a loan.We are all in different positions at this time of life some better than others. There is always the financial worry as we get older. Are we going to outlive our savings?

Some people may have been working for 30 or more years, this at one time use to cover their retirement, but not today. Those who are 50 plus are being encouraged to work longer in order to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in later years.

This is only made possible if they and I should include myself in this, are given the opportunities, as I have said in an earlier blog we have the experience, but we are not being able to use it, in being employed.

In order for the over 50's to be employed again it is is important that they have the necessary skills of today's society such as social media. As Jermaine said the over 50's are more likely to become self employed, as it is difficult for us to get back into mainstream employment.

That may not be beneficial to possible future employers as the skills and experience are being used elsewhere so therefore the companies are gaining, as it takes time and manpower to train younger people to do the job.

So by not giving older people work, there is the likelyhood that the Government will end up supporting them sooner rather than later.

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