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3 Ways to Limit Social Media at Work

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3 Ways to Limit Social Media at Work

3 Ways to Limit Social Media at Work and Become More Productive

Do you face difficulty to focus at work nowadays? Well, this is a major problem that has driven every next person at workplace.

Especially, if you are a tech-savvy, you must be an active user of multiple social channels. Even I am an avid user of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and MySpace.

Frankly speaking, social media has havoc my productivity at work rather than any other communication channel.

Though it keeps us updated with the current happenings in different genre, but yet it negatively impacts our work performance.

As a matter of fact we are highly addicted to certain social channels like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.

We surely waste a lot of our time to get short-term pleasure, hollow social connections, nurture jealousy and envy on social media, instead of being productive at work.

Just think for a second, how incredibly you must have performed your tasks at workplace and achieved an edge over others? You could have worked on a product or a service that might benefit others at large?

Sounds interesting and meaningful, right?

It’s high time that we get back on the track and start utilizing our time at work.

As I mentioned that I have also lost focus at work, so to become more productive and limit social media usage, I have adopted certain ways.

I am going to discuss some of them with you and hope you replicate them as well:

  1. Allocate a specific time to social media during your work hours

Strictly adhere a time at workplace for social media.

I login to my social accounts during lunch hours only i.e. between 1:00 to 2:00. As soon as the clock strikes 2:00, I consider to logout as soon as possible, as if I am committing a crime or a sin.

See till you are not going to forcefully stop yourself, nothing is going to help you out in regaining your productivity level.

Fix a certain time for your leisure activities on social media, if it’s “so much” important for you to browse latest happenings.

If you do so trust me your employers will be happy as well to observe improvement in your performance.

  1. Don’t switch on Internet on your mobile devices till you are at work

Easy access to Internet has majorly played a vital role in distracting our mind from real work.

As I don’t need to work from my cell phone, I ensure that it remains disconnected from the Internet till the time I am at my office.

When I am at work I keep my data package inactive and neither have I connected my cell phone with employer’s Wi-Fi.

I would suggest the same to you.

Keep your cell phone disconnected from Internet, else as a part of your habit, after every 5 to 10 minutes you shall pick it and engage in social media activities.

Even if you don’t intend to but the pings, pokes, notifications and etc. will force you to check your phone and divert your focus.

However, I would also suggest you that don’t post any critical or interesting comment or status when you use your social account during the allocated time.

If you do so, you shall obviously not be able to concentrate on your work, because you will then be eager to know what others are commenting on that particular activity.

  1. Play mind games instead of logging into social accounts

The best way to combat mind distractions and improve your productivity level, you must opt to play interesting mind games.

Currently, I have signed up at Lumosity to play brain games. These games are highly essential to enhance one’s cognitive skills.

When I feel frustrated or when my brain is overflowing with loads of information, I start playing mind games, instead of engaging in social media activities.

Playing such games is far better than logging into social channels. These games really help to relax your mind, improve productivity and focus and keep yourself motivated.

Once you start playing mind games, it will for sure minimize your need to sign in your social profiles.

I am practicing on the above shared ways to limit my social media use at work. The significant outcomes are motivating me to continue with these practices. I would suggest you to adopt these practices as well, so that you can too enhance your performance and achieve success.

If you are doing something to avoid social media at work, do let us know in the comments section.

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