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Three things you didn't know about working for Ofcom

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We often hear about Ofcom when reading news about public complaints about political bias, vulgarity, racism or sexism in media. Alongside championing good standards in the areas it regulates, Ofcom also promotes diversity and inclusion in its own organisation. Inclusion is built into the culture of Ofcom. It's not enough just to have meetings and talk about it. The day to day practices of Ofcom employees actively support inclusion. From diversity networks to unconscious bias training to flexibility and support, Ofcom supports you bringing your whole self to work.

Here are three things you might not have known about working for Ofcom.

1) Employee democracy

Having democratic structures where colleagues have a real effect on policy improves effectiveness and productivity. Ofcom's employee forum is a group of elected colleagues. They meet regularly with senior management to discuss issues affecting Ofcom staff. It was established to strengthen colleague involvement and influence senior management on Ofcom strategy.

The forum holds monthly meetings to discuss issues and concerns, gauge opinion, and support individual colleagues’ issues. It also questions senior management and supports the business during organisational change.

2) A listening network

In the not-too-distant past, people felt that they had to keep a stiff upper lip at work. Personal problems, be they financial, medical or emotional, were rarely a topic of conversation, and worker health suffered. Today, there's a mental health movement, and progressive workplaces encourage talking about feelings and problems as normal.

Sometimes we need a mental health professional, but sometimes what we really need is peer support. That means someone to listen, patiently and openly. Ofcom Listening Network is an informal peer support network, for anyone who would like a non-judgmental and confidential chat.

The network keeps a register of volunteers who are available to colleagues to contact about any concerns or anxieties. These can be about work or anything else. It won't get back to your team members or your boss, and you'll feel heard and supported.

Ofcom created this network because having someone to talk to can help anyone recover during stressful times. Ofcom also offers a comprehensive employee support package and resilience training.

3) Helping women return to work

Gender discrimination poses particular challenges to women. If women take time off to start a family, it's more difficult to get hired and promoted upon return.

In September 2018, Ofcom partnered with the Women Returners Network which supports women returning to work after a career gap. The programme offered a paid placement of 6 months, with the possibility of transitioning into a permanent role. Covering mid to senior level roles, the programme included coaching from Women Returners, an Ofcom mentor and networking opportunities. In an environment where women face hiring barriers after career breaks, such programmes are crucial.

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